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Co founder nutrazur bruno obriot doctor

Bruno Obriot

"With my 13 years as a private doctor and graduate in aromatherapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy   unicist, nutrition... I invented and patented the unique concept of powdered essential oils!

My role is to advise you and answer your questions regarding health."



PerformHeure wants to become the essential pillar of success for professional athletes and player agents, in individual and team sports, by offering them unrivaled support through four key areas.


By merging expertise and performance, we aspire to unlock the full potential of athletes and agents by effectively managing their communication, administrative logistics, sponsorship partnerships and major event coordination through the online concierge concept.

Our ultimate goal is to allow athletes and agents to fully concentrate on their performance by minimizing external distractions, giving them an undeniable competitive advantage on the field.


Offers different and unique sensations to each of our recipes with healthy and good-for-you snacks!

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