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Due to its composition (Burdock and specific essential oils for the skin) Dermo 1 is an ideal antiseptic, purifier and healing agent for the skin.

Dermo 1 - 60 Capsules

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A partir de 43€ ,1 pot Bandelettes Ph offert

    • Burdock root extract (Arctium lappa
    • 622.5 mg) dosed in rutin
    • Oyster shell powder (410mg)
    • Tunic of marine origin: fish gelatin
    • HECT of aerial parts of palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii 87.15mg),
    • HECT of lavender flowers (Lavandula vera 34.86mg)
    • TEO of tea tree leaves (Melaleuca alternifolia 26.10mg)
    • HECT of flowering tops of rosemary (Rosmarinus off verbenone 26.10mg)
    • Anti-caking agent: rice extract

    HECT: Chemotyped organic or wild essential oil

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