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Sportswomen, this pack will help you in your quest for performance.

  • Boost , naturally stimulates your body as competitions and/or large training blocks approach.
  • Mobilité+ oil is ideal for pre- or post-exercise massages. Relaxing and promotes microcirculation thanks to its dosage of 17% essential oils.
  • Articulation , a synergy of essential oils and OVOMET (eggshell membrane) which improves the flexibility of the joints and limits the risk of inflammation in the osteo-articular sphere.

Sport Pack (Boost - Joint - Mobility+)

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A partir de 43€ ,1 pot Bandelettes Ph offert

  • Improves joint flexibility and reduces the risk of inflammatory pathologies around the osteoarticular sphere.

    Corrects acid-base imbalance in a natural way and protects the action of essential oils.

    Complete sheet

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