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Oyster shell powder with its very basic pH (9.2) and its two calcium carbonates (calcite and argonite) prevents against the appearance of: inflammation , infections , tissue hyper acidosis or demineralization .

Oyster shell will rebalance tissue acidosis in a natural way and enhance the body's alkaline reserves .

Used for prevention, this natural food supplement contributes to:

  • Remineralization of the body at all ages
  • A good acid-base balance
  • Normal functioning of digestive enzymes
  • Optimal neurotransmission
  • Optimal efficiency of energy metabolism
  • Dense bones and teeth

Oyster shell powder - bone remineralization

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A partir de 43€ ,1 pot Bandelettes Ph offert

  • Complex of 90 capsules

    Oyster shell powder comes from Brittany oysters and is harvested on a site free of any pollution. It is obtained by grinding without adding any excipient.
    Thus, each oyster mineralizes its shell optimally to present very high levels of trace elements and minerals .
    The oyster shell contains two different calcium carbonates - - calcite and aragonite (65 to 70% of the powder) as well as magnesium and all the minerals and trace elements essential for the proper functioning of the body human.
    In addition, oyster shell powder contributes to the recovery of noble “waste” by recycling it and does not contribute in any way to the deterioration of the seabed as fossilized algae can do.

    It has a pH of 9.2 due to its two carbonates and makes it the most effective product with a bioavailability of 100%, to correct organisms in hyper tissue acidosis by recharging the alkaline reserve.
    It will have a dual action, namely that mentioned above but also an action to protect essential oils from hydrochloric acid, therefore no destruction of the active ingredients of essential oils.

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