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Natural relaxing food supplement providing the best organic essential oils to promote the regulation of the neuro-vegetative system in temporary or chronic episodes of stress , anxiety , depression or anxiety .

Without drowsiness or addiction. Zen 1, a natural relaxer of 60 capsules.

Zen 1 - Anti-stress and natural relaxer

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A partir de 43€ ,1 pot Bandelettes Ph offert

    • Oyster shell powder (900 mg)
    • Tunic of marine origin: fish gelatin
    • Dry extract of lotus corniculatus flowers (450mg),
    • HECT of lavender flowers (lavandula vera 148.59 mg)
    • CTE of shelled marjoram leaves (Origanum marjorana 123.84 mg),
    • HECT of bitter orange petitgrain leaves (Citrus aurantium 123.81 mg)
    • Red Mandarin Peel Essence (Citrus reticulata 99.09 mg)
    • Anti-caking agent: rice extract

    HECT: ORGANIC or wild chemotyped essential oil

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